Virtual classrooms: “live” lessons remotely

How about taking lessons in virtual classrooms? This means that you do not have to travel, but you participate in the lesson at your computer at home or in the office. You use headphones with an integrated microphone and a webcam to communicate with your language teacher. The entire lesson is taught through a user-friendly programme. You can see it as a high tech video conference that is customised for trainings.
You mainly do a lot of conversation exercises, but together you can also make notes on the whiteboard, do exercises, edit documents, visit websites and share screens. And you can do it all online! You automatically receive all notes and edited documents by e-mail immediately after the lesson. The entire lesson can also be recorded, so that you can watch it again by clicking on a link afterwards.
In order to maximise your speaking opportunities, we recommend having a maximum of 5 persons per group in virtual classrooms.