Frequently asked questions

  • What is the target audience of Agataal’s language courses?
    • Agataal addresses all possible target groups. Our language trainers adjust their lessons to the profile and concrete objectives of each participant. Age is irrelevant. We provide language courses for private individuals, self-employed professionals, companies and government services.
  • Which languages does Agataal offer?
  • Which level do I need to take a language course at Agataal? Can I also start as an absolute beginner?
    • Agataal offers courses at all levels, from absolute beginners without any prior knowledge to highly advanced participants. The content of the programme is entirely adjusted to your prior knowledge, needs and objectives. However, some language courses require some prior knowledge depending on the level of difficulty of the subject matter. More details on the required entry level are provided in our module overview.
  • Does Agataal also offer open group courses?
    • We do not offer open group courses. We always offer individual lessons, unless you can put together a small group yourself. On rare occasions, we form a group with participants with exactly the same goals, availability and learning capacity.
  • Are there any courses for my professional activities?
    • Yes. Agataal offers language courses for specific professional situations, which allow you to improve your professional skills, and courses for specific sectors such as construction, transport or chemicals. The latter also include technical terminology. Anything is possible! Please feel free to take a look at the modules we offer. 
  • When can I start?
    • You can start a language course at any time of the year. In principle, we can start within 10 business days, but if you want to get started even sooner, we will do our very best.
  • On which days and at which times can I take a lesson?
    • The course is planned according to your diary and the language trainer’s schedule. In principle, any time is possible provided that the language trainer is available. Lessons early or late in the day and at weekends are also possible. Our language trainers do all they can to meet your needs.
  • How often can I take a lesson?
    • As often as you like. You can choose a standard course (once or twice a week) or an intensive course (2 to 3-hour lessons 3 or more times a week). If you want to be truly immersed in the language, you can go for one of our immersion courses.
  • How many hours should I do?
    • In order to guarantee noticeable progress, we suggest you take at least a 20-hour course. For some language courses, smaller packages are possible. Please feel free to take a look at the minimum hours of our modules.
  • How long does a lesson take?
    • A standard lesson takes 2 hours. This allows us to strike the best possible balance between repetition of completed subject matter, introduction of new material and conversation or simulations. Of course, more intensive lessons of 3 to even 8 hours a day are also possible. We do not recommend lessons under 2 hours, unless these are convenient to the participant, during a lunch break for example. Shorter lessons are also taught to specific target audiences, such as children. This may affect the price of the language course, however.
  • Can I cancel a lesson?
    • Yes, you can, provided that you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. You can cancel up to 1.5 of the total number of lessons free of charge.
  • Can I also take lessons at the office or at home?
    • Normally you can take lessons at the office or at home, provided that we have a language trainer available who can travel to the requested location. We charge travel expenses of approx. 0.40 euros per km (x 2 => return). You can also take remote lessons live by video conference from anywhere in so-called virtual classrooms and do online exercises through e-learning.
  • Are the language trainers native speakers?
    • The majority of our language trainers are native speakers, but Agataal also works with perfectly bilingual trainers. They have approached native speaker level (level C1 according to the European Reference Framework) by studying the language or by living abroad. These bilingual trainers can be an interesting option for lessons at a lower level. The language trainers can help if the participant can’t find a word, for example and they sometimes have a better understanding of the problems facing the participants. The target language is always spoken during lessons. 
  • Do I receive a certificate once I have completed the language course?
    • Agataal is an officially accredited language school, but is not subsidised. We therefore do not issue any official educational certificates. However, after every course you receive a progress report, which includes an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and our advice for the future. This report is not just interesting for you, but can also be used for professional purposes, such as a job application or promotion.
  • How can I enrol?
    • Simply contact us and we will enrol you immediately.
  • Do I need to pay the registration fee in advance?
    • If you wish to follow a course as a private individual, the course fee must be paid five business days before the course starts. Companies usually receive an invoice for the total amount at the start of the language course.
  • Do I qualify for subsidies?
  • How can I get to the Agataal building?
    • Agataal can be reached by public transport and by car:
      If you travel by public transport:
      From Antwerp:

      1. Bus 14 from Rooseveltplaats towards Mortsel-Vremde. Get off at the Mortsel Floralaan stop, at 50 metres from our building.
      2. Bus 196 or 197 towards Mortsel-Duffel. Get off at the Edegem Molenstraat stop, at 600 metres from our building.
      3. Bus 297 towards Heist-op-den-Berg, Mortsel Oude God stop, a 5-minute walk away from our building.
      4. Tram 7 or 15 to the final stop Mortsel-Terminus, a 5-minute walk away from our building.
      5. Train from Antwerp, twice hourly towards Brussels, 10 minute journey. Get off at Mortsel-Oude-God station, a 5-minute walk away from our building.

      From Mechelen:

      1. Train from Mechelen, twice hourly towards Antwerpen-Centraal or Leuven, 14-minute journey. Get off at Mortsel-Oude-God station, a 5-minute walk away from our building.
      From Brussels:

      1. Train from Brussels, twice hourly towards Antwerpen-Centraal or Leuven, 42-minute journey. Get off at Mortsel-Oude-God station, a 5-minute walk away from our building.
      If you travel by car:
      If you are taking the motorway from Brussels or Antwerp, we suggest coming off at exit 7 ‘Kontich’ in order to avoid traffic congestion in Mortsel.